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Mindful Painting (1 Hour)

During this workshop, students will create an expressive image with paints.

Task - The activity is student-led, with students switching off their mind and following their impulses and acting on what they feel with no regard for what they are creating. There is no pressure for this to be a masterpiece! This workshop aims to support young people’s mental health by encouraging them to switch off and enjoy the process of creating.

Set out your paints and different sized brushes, sponges and other mark-making equipment. With your paper in front of you, reach for the first colour you choose and paint! Try not to think too much about the process, approach it in a playful way. Create patterns, colours, shapes…just go along with what happens!

What will students learn? Students will learn about the importance of taking care of their mental health and wellbeing, and will take part in a short mindfulness activity that they can use in their own time.

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