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Explorative Doodle (1 Hour)

This session is inspired by Yayoi Kusama. 'She can't really fit in any movement or style, since she developed an extremely personal art which is a powerful expression of her inner world. A world, however,filled with psychological distress, panic attacks, hallucinations andsuicide attempts. Of course, the press tried to define her,callingKusama “the first obsessional art”, even if we know she really is more of this. Later, she will call her own style“psychosomatic art”'.

Aim: Create an explorative doodle inspired by Kusama. In this activity, students will let their creativity take over, creating their own unique shapes and patterns using surrealist drawing methods. This can be done for as long as they like, and use it to take their mind off of their worries, or to get inspired.

Resources: A piece of A3 paper (or newspaper), a marker pen, and some colour pens or pencils.

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