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'Encountering Landscape' Exhibition at Plymouth 2019



Current investigations include the Caradon Hill district area combined with a contemporary approach to painting. This body of work aims to describe the material encounters of the Cornish Moors and illustrates the experience of landscape through a combination of site specific materials included in the work.

‘Material Landscape’ offers insights of my own situated knowledge of place. The paintings challenge the physical dynamics of understanding experience in place as well as regarding the material forms we all immerse ourselves within. These site specific pieces not only represent the heritage of the Moors but represents the cultural and social history of place that we all encounter.



A collection of soils from the locality of Common Moor, describing the intertwined variation of soil properties. This work goes far beyond the surface as the mediums formation creates connections to cultural and social change in the landscape. Furthermore, this work aims to narrate my own encounters with this Landscape.

Material Landscape Exhibition
'Material Landscape' Exhibition at Stuart House, Liskeard 2019
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