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Watercolor Paint

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
Pablo Picasso


Emma Clare Bennett

Emma Clare Bennett is a Cornish  Artist exploring Landscape. Current investigations include the Caradon Hill district area of Cornwall. Combining a contemporary approach to painting by exploring with site specific materials as a medium.  


Emma’s work often signifies her dedication to Cornwall having grown up and living in the local area. Her recent body of work ‘Material Landscape’ offers insights of a personal experience in Landscape. Her painting’s challenge the physical dynamics of understanding experience in place as well as regarding the material forms we all immerse ourselves within. These site specific pieces not only represent the heritage of the Moors but display the material environments we all encounter.


Emma is a Fine Art Lecturer and has a passion for education. Currently working on projects to showcase the young talent in local Colleges and Schools. Emma is devising opportunities to make exhibition spaces accessible for students.

Painting Class

Art and Education


Art for Wellbeing

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